5 Things You Should Know About a Design-Build Construction Firm

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Almost half of all commercial construction projects in the United States are completed by full-service design-build firms. This method of construction is not new, but is becoming more and more popular due to its benefits. Design and build construction firms combine both design and construction into one seamless process, providing all the commercial construction services a company needs in one place. Instead of managing two separate contracts for both a contractor and designer, the design-build process allows clients to manage just one contract with one single point of responsibility.

The traditional commercial contracting process causes headbutting between both parties, leading to litigation and delays that increase project costs and create uncomfortable tension. To streamline the process and eliminate problems from arising, a design and build contractor will handle all aspects of the project from start to finish and provide unified project recommendations that better adhere to the needs of the budgets and schedules.

If you are currently weighing your options for your next commercial project and aren’t sure whether you should stick with a typical general contractor or rely on help from a design-build team, we’re here to help! As an experienced design and build construction company, we know what sets the design-build approach apart from traditional practices.

  1. The design-build approach saves time and money.

It’s no secret that package deals tend to save money, and that applies to design-build services too. Studies done by the Design-Build Institute of America show that design-build projects are completed 33.5% faster than design-bid-build projects, have fewer change orders and cost about 6.1% less than traditional building construction approaches. Overall, design-build construction is more time and cost effective.

  1. One company has complete accountability.

From material problems and design concerns to regulatory issues, traditional commercial construction arrangements only make these situations worse. Relying on multiple contractors or companies leads to blame shifting and pointing fingers, which stalls construction progress and creates frustration for the client. Design-build firms eliminate this frustration by solely responsible for every aspect of the project, increasing the likelihood that your project remains on track and on-budget.

  1. Communication is better and collaboration is encouraged.

The design-build commercial construction process offers more continuity throughout each aspect of the project and requires a smaller team, meaning you will have a more open line of communication with the company and better collaboration with the team. With every aspect of the design and construction process housed under one roof, the company you work with will already know to work together and will not struggle looping you in.

  1. Budgets are better managed.

Like any other construction project, scope creep is bound to happen. When you rely on multiple contractors and hope that everything will work out, you’re more likely to stray from your planned budget. However, when you work with design-build contractors, you can discuss and manage your budget from the design phase forward, giving you more cost information to work with.

  1. Quality control is ensured.

The traditional construction process is a common cause of quality control issues. Unclear specifications from one party will inevitably delay another, causing delays and increased costs. As soon as one problem happens, more are just bound to arise and cause even more headbutting amongst each individual team. Design-build firms prevent this by integrating every service needed for a commercial building construction or renovation project so the focus can remain on successfully completing the project and keeping the client happy.

Ready to hire a commercial design-build contractor?

If you think the design-build approach best suits your commercial project needs, the next step is hiring a reliable contractor for the job. With years of experience handling commercial design-build projects for clients throughout Indianapolis and beyond, let White Oak Commercial Group be your go-to choice for commercial contracting services in Indiana. Unlike other building designers, our professional, innovative and experienced team members are competent in all facets of the construction industry and ready to put their skills and knowledge to work on your design-build project. At White Oak, we carry our clients from conception to completion and make it a priority to focus on customer relationships. Our future is built on your satisfaction, so let us show you what we are capable of!